Tompkins Landscape and Irrigation is one of a few local companies that is a member of the Irrigation Association. We ensure our customer's a quality product installed by trained individuals who are skilled and knowledgeable in irrigation installation and system design requirements. In short you will get a high quality product, at a competitive cost, installed in a timely manner, with the longest most complete system warranty available.

Following are specification sheets outlining products that will be used and installed for your sprinkler system. All system materials are the best in the industry and feature the most advanced features today. Additionally enclosed are customer information pamphlets to help assist in answering any additional questions you may have.

If there are ever any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me any time.

W. W. Tompkins


Specification Sheet

Once the customer has reviewed the submitted estimate and a 50% job deposit is received we schedule and confirm the installation. Dig Safe is called to mark and identify any utilities, cable, phone, gas, and electric lines. Any installed underground wiring for lighting, invisible dog fencing, underground pool lines, and any other owner / builder installed items must all be clearly marked and identified by the homeowner to prevent any damage during installation.

Our plumber will then install the backflow and all necessary plumbing lines as specified by state and local codes. We handle and pull all necessary plumbing permits. System lines and piping is then laid into the ground along with necessary irrigation rotary heads and mist heads for planting beds or small lawn areas. Zone valves and valve housings are installed, master clock / controller is then installed in the basement or a suitable alternative location and wired to zone valves with an accompanying rain sensor.

The entire installation process should take approximately one full day from start to finish, barring any unforeseen circumstances such as buried rock ledge, or other buried material not visible like dog fencing, cable, or phone lines.

The only maintenance that will be required for the system is in the spring and late fall. In the spring we will be turning on the water supply lines, programming the clock / controller, inspecting the system, fittings, and ensuring the system is functioning properly.

In the fall the water supply lines are closed and any water within the system is drained and compressed air is used to blow out any residual water. This will prevent any water from freezing in the lines.

Service prices vary with each system and size and will be outlined in your estimate.

We must strictly enforce this policy due to the vast majority of so-called landscaping and irrigation companies in this area who are not qualified or certified to install or service irrigation systems. Many companies are not even carrying company liability or worker compensation policies on their workers that shield the home owner from the possibility of being held liable should a worker be injured on the property. (Always ask for certification!)

For customers that are on town water and town sewerage, you have the additional option of having a deduct meter installed (some towns refer to this as a by-pass meter). The meter measures the amount of water used by the irrigation system and is either credited to your respective home's water bill or deducted from your sewerage bill.

The only requirement for the home owner is informing your local town’s water department since some towns require home owners to pay either a fee or deposit for the respective meter and installation.  The current fee averages between $ 100 – to a high of $275. Your particular town’s water department will then schedule a time for them to install and wire the meter.

The scheduling for the installation of the meter normally occurs within 3-5 business days. In the meantime your system will still function normally and no adjustments will be necessary after the meter is installed.

Local towns water Dept. numbers:

  • Haverhill (978) 374-2385
  • N. Andover (978) 688-9571
  • Andover (978) 794-3222
  • Methuen (978) 623-8350
  • Salem N.H. (603) 890-2171

Payment of balance is due in full upon completion of system installation. All system materials and related installed equipment will remain sole property of Tompkins Landscaping and Irrigation contractors until payment in full is received or alternative payment arraignments are made.

Tompkins Landscape and Irrigation is not responsible for any unforeseen circumstances beyond our control e.g. excessive water pressure, water hammer, tree roots, rock ledge / boulders in the ground, builders fill and /or debris buried on site, This estimate is valid for 30 days after submission to customer.

Again, if you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time using our 24-hour line.

We hope you find this packet informative and we look forward to working with in the months to come.

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