Tompkins Landscape offers customized, hassle-free maintenance plans individualized for our customers. Each property has specific needs that must be addressed on a case by case basis. Due to the importance of property maintenance, we have designated maintenance crews who make sure your property’s lawn and landscape gets the attention it needs. Once we start caring for your property you can worry about other important things… like what you will be doing on your day off.

Some of the services we provide for maintaining your landscape include:

  • Spring Leaf/Brush Clean Ups
  • Mulching of Planting Beds
  • Weekly Lawn Cutting
  • Weeding of property planting beds
  • Lawn Fertilization / Insecticide / IPM management (5 step program)
  • Aeration  / slice seeding lawn areas
  • Fall Leaf/Brush Clean Ups

Here is a typical schedule Tompkins Landscape provides to attain a beautiful landscape

March April
Rake up winter debris and repair any winter damage. In colder climates grass starts growing in April, but early spring is a good time to add necessary soil amendments to your lawn areas and planting beds. Remove turf damaged by salt, plows, or disease to prepare for the seeding that should follow in a few weeks. Clean up around plants. Rake out fallen leaves and dead foliage on lawn areas and planting beds which can smother plants and foster disease, once the threat of frost has passed, remove excess existing mulch to set the stage for a new layer once any new spring planting is done. Now is a good time to spread a pelletized fertilizer tailored to existing plantings on the soil's surface so that spring rains can carry it to the roots. Add a 5-10-10 fertilizer around bulbs as soon as they flower to maximize bloom time and feed next season's growth.

May / June

  • Fertilize lawn area again six to eight weeks after first dose
  • Spot-treat lawn areas with post-emergent weed control for dandelions or remaining crabgrass.
  • Pruning of evergreen shrubs and shrubs that have already flowered
  • Edging and mulching of planting beds with no more than 2” of fresh shredded mulch
  • Planting of annual flowers
  • Start up of sprinkler systems

    July / August
  • Treat lawn areas and planting beds for any insects / grubs
  • Fertilize plant beds and lawn areas and treat for summer stress
  • Fertilize and slice seed thin lawn areas.
  • Spread weed-and-feed over entire lawn.

    September - October–November
  • Aerate heavily traveled or compacted lawn areas with core aerator.
  • Slice seed any thin lawn areas
  • Rake leaves to prevent any over winter lawn damage as result of matted grass.
  • Fertilize six to eight weeks after last feeding.
  • At final cut, after a first frosts, mow 2 inches high.

Category- Lawn Care Maintenance

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